Telecast & TV Broadcasting

After the cinema, Telecasts & TV Broadcasting are the popular entertainment medium Because of its wide-ranging and inclusiveness, as well as its convenient access to the public service and creating entertainment and cultivating a social culture
publicly available for being broad, comprehensive, and easy to access, and are the top of the most feature-rich mediums for entertainment and nurturing social culture.
Local, national and satellite television networks have gone to specialization and each of them has a specific audience for themselves and It also requires to organize Content and imaging structure. Hence “Mahyar Studio” provides design and production services by experience of more than a decade of activity in this field, as well as the experience of the pioneers and elders of this arena which can be summed up in the following cases.

  • Producing all kinds of documentary, story and animation films and series
  • Producing of various industrial films, promotional items and advertisement
  • Editing all kinds of movies
  • Designing and targeting corporate identity (design and implementation of graphics and visual elements)
  • Design and produce of various types of motion graphics including titles, logo-motion,graphical Interlude , infographies, etc.
  • Design and produce of visual effects for use in movies
  • Color correction and color grading
  • Trailers
  • Create a GIF (Poster animated)
  • Poster Design
  • Advise and introducing the most professional colleagues in the field of videography, photography , sound recording, sounding and music making

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