Social Media

Advice, design and produce of Social Media Content

Organizations, small and large business and owners can introduce and promote their products and services to their customers by Social Media capabilities . The speed and breadth of activity in the area of ​​production of Social Media content is such that competition in this field has become the most important concern of business owners in the business world.

Digital Marketing, especially video advertising is very important in today’s environments. Among the services provided by Mahyar Studio in this field can be mentioned to the following materials .

  • Market and brand analysis and advice on how ads are produced
  • Producing all kinds of documentary, story and animation films and series
  • Production of various industrial films, advertisement and promotional items
  • Editing of various videos and advertisement
  • Designing and targeting corporate identity (design and implementation of graphics and visual elements)
  • Design and produce of motion graphics , including Logo-motion, Infographics, Video Magazines, News, Gallery and …
  • Design and produce of visual effects for use in movies, advertising and more.
  • Color Correction & Color Grading
  • Create GIF (Moving Poster)
  • Poster Design
  • Advice and introducing the most professional music colleagues