About Us

Mahyar Ardakani was born in 1989 and after graduating from the Math-Physics Diploma He entered the arts field since in 2008. He started professional art by video-editing at Sheida Pishro Film Institute and gradually he learned other subjects like photography, lighting, videography, directing, visual effects and animation.

In August 2012, after about 4 years, Mahyar Ardakani finished work at that institution, and after leave the University of Mechanics, He went to the military service.

After the military service in 2014, Mahyar Ardakani started university and working at Parak Software Institute in programming and web designing, because He had a background in programming and web designing by NIIT course.

After one year of working in programming, Mahyar Ardakani returned to the field of art because of low income and encouraging old colleagues. and this time in 2015, He began to work independently (freelance) in the field of animation, such as short animations , Motion graphics and Motion design and visual effects.

It is a collection of young and creative people who have gathered on the experience of more than 10 years of activity in various artistic arenas, to create perfectly, creatively and acceptably Iranian art products by the updated equipment and friendly environment.
Undoubtedly, Best our presenter is our experience, our goal, our customers, our products in the field of film, VFX, animation & motion Graphics in the Cinema, Telecast , Social Media and Video Wall of seminars & Conferances.

Mahyar Studio Logo

Main goals

As the name suggests, Mahyar Studio strives to be a constant companion to the people, and in this regard, it provides the following products and services.


Producing and delivering film and serials, animation and visual effects By careful in choosing content.

Improving Economic Prosperity

By providing packages and promotional products such as industrial and promotional films, real and animated advertisement, infographics and various motiongraphics, as well as complementary services such as site design and production, design and implementation of posters, catalogs and other printing products, and even Brand’s music and song products and etc.